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June 18, 2009


We have come to know Gary Smith from a different angle than most: he was the listing agent of the house that we bought in Mendon. 


When we first viewed the house, Gary was polite and professional, there to answer questions but never intrusive. But his real value as a realtor came as the closing approached. 


As it often happens, people tend to get hung up on issues that are really minor to the overall sale of the house, letting emotions overrule business decisions. Gary was quick to step forward and rationalize everyone’s point of view. He did everything in his power to make sure that the house closed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. I honestly do not know if it would have happened if Gary had not been involved in the sale.


But the story does not end there.  Moving here from out of state, we did not know anyone in the area.  The realtor whom we had used to help us find the house, lived on the other side of Boston, so we really were alone.  I was out of town when my wife fell from a ladder inside the house and crushed her foot. She did not want to use 911, so she called Gary.  In “white knight” fashion he came right over with another member of his office, and they rushed her to the hospital emergency room.  After making sure she was attended, he left but showed up a little later with his wife to check on her again. Knowing that she was alone, they even made sure the ‘frig was filled with food and drinks for her return.  Now that goes beyond the confines of any business friendship, and streaks into the realm of compassion and friendship. 


Gary is also a “walking Yellow Pages” and has made several references for us, pointing us towards various craftsmen as we have needed them. Since that time I have heard of many stories where Gary has gone that extra mile for his clients and friends. His follow up is just phenomenal.   If you are looking for an agent to help you buy or sell a house or property, you might be able to find someone as knowledgeable of the area and market conditions, but you won’t find anyone as honest, hardworking or as full of integrity as Gary Smith. 


Laura and Bill Smutny,

Mendon, MA

Bill and Laura Smutny
Only because of my previous history with (deleted) from Century 21, was she chosen over Gary to initially sell our property. I asked Gary if we could contact him should (deleted) not work out. His response was , "when you're ready to sell your house , give me a call. " That is just what we did. After the Buyers met our price, it then became a 10 day rush to close. Every conceivable problem arose to delay us. Only through enormous efforts from the Buyers, and Sellers our landscaper John Allaire, and our coorinator Gary , were we able to meet the Buyers deadline to close.
These are some of the reasons that made Gary exceptional!
  • Helping me to clean the house.
  • Numerous phone calls on our behalf.
  • Getting Mr. Darling over to blast our well and physically helping to move the irrigation system during a 2 day Title V search.
  • Going to Town Hall. Meeting with the Conservation Dept. to walk the property.
  • The most 2 important traits that Gary exhibited were Honesty and being available to us 24-7

     We would like to Thank Everyone involved in selling the Property on Murphy's way in Uxbridge, especially Gary.

Have a great day,

Casey and Miah Usmani

Casey and Miah Usmani...Uxbridge